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Makeup artist applies skintone. Beautiful woman face. Perfect makeup. Skincare foundation. Sponge makeup artist


A simple yet klassy set of lashes that are very natural. They are as full as your own lashes. Its a one lash extension to one natural lash. Mascara on steriods

Beautiful macro shot of female eye with extreme long eyelashes and black liner makeup. Perfect shape make-up and long lashes. Cosmetics and make-up. Closeup macro shot of fashion eyes visage


Lashes that are combination of one for one and volume to create a full lash fashion. The fullness depends on the volume dimensions such as 2D-4D. Very Popular and a beautiful set of lashes.

Close up view of beautiful green female eye with long eyelashes


If you like your lash bold and fashionable then volume is your style. A volume lash come as full and extended as you like. The fullness come in a 4D-20D . let us know your style!