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Lash Artist Training for Women Nationwide

Lashing All Over the City provides premium quality strip lashes, beauty products, and lash training to interested women candidates nationwide. Eyelash extension training is what we do best, and believe in letting your eyes, or rather your eyelashes, do the talking!

Our training would help you become a professional eyelash artist. If you have a flair for the beauty industry, join our training program and get started on the path to making a career in this industry.

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Featured Eyelash Extension Services

We offer professional eyelash products and split eyelashes to complement your style and enhance any look created by professional lash artists.

  • Klassic- A simple yet klassy set of lashes that are very natural. They are as full as your own lashes. Its a one lash extension to one natural lash. Mascara on steriods
  • Hybrid- Lashes that are combination of one for one and volume to create a full lash fashion. The fullness depends on the volume dimensions such as 2D-4D. Very Popular and a beautiful set of lashes.
  • Volume- If you like your lash bold and fashionable then volume is your style. A volume lash come as full and extended as you like. The fullness come in a 4D-20D . let us know your style!
Lashing All Over the City

Fabulous Products That Empower Women

We proudly empower women with new skills and boost their confidence. Becoming an eyelash artist is simple, and no license is required.

We efficiently train women to become professional eyelash extension artists and support them in their journey. Our training program is detailed but short-termed. Join us today to be a master in eyelash extension and explore a superb career opportunity in the beauty industry.

Looking for products? We have those too. Check out our selection.

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