Classic lash extensions are a popular choice among clients seeking a natural yet enhanced look. This technique involves the precise application of one extension to one natural eyelash, meticulously done to ensure a seamless blend with your natural lashes.


    Lashes-Hybrid lashes represent a versatile and dynamic approach in the world of eyelash extensions, offering a balanced blend of two techniques: classic and volume lashes. This method combines the simplicity of classic lashes (one extension per natural lash) with the fullness provided by volume lashes (multiple fine extensions attached to one natural lash)


    In the realm of eyelash extensions, are all about creating a rich, full, and dramatic look. This technique involves applying multiple thin, lightweight extensions to each natural lash. Unlike classic lashes, where a single extension is applied to each lash, volume lashes use fans of 2-6 (or even more) extensions that are carefully attached to a single natural lash. These fans are handmade by the lash artist during the application process, allowing for a high level of customization and precision.

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